Bandhe Hath (1973)

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Bandhe Hath (1973)


Shyamu is an orphan, living with his mentor, and has made stealing his career. While his mentor is recuperating in hospital, from a fracture, Shyamu decides to go straight. He is mistaken for popular writer, Deepak, and is met with considerable respect. To his delight, to comes across an ailing Deepak, whom he resembles.

Deepak is ill and soon passes away, and Shyamu takes on his identity, and begins to romance the beautiful Mala. But a certain police inspector, Kumar, is interested in Deepak, and is convinced that the person masquerading as Deepak, is really someone else.

Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Mumtaz, Ajit, Kumud Chuggani, Anjana Mumtaz, Sardar Akhtar, Ram Mohan, O P Ralhan, Ranjeet, Madan Puri, Gajanan Jagirdar.



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