Karz (2008)

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Karz (2008)


Ravi Verma has just won a court case against Sir Judah and has legally received entitlement to several thousand acres of vineyards. He celebrates the victory by marrying the love of his life Kamini and decides to bring her to meet his mother and his sister.

However, during their trip- Kamini and Ravi board a plane-with Ravi deciding to show her a few moves. Kamini has however sabotaged the plane and has ensured that there is no parachute for Ravi. Subsequently Ravi crashes to his death and Kamini becomes Princess Kamini. She throws out Ravi’s mother and sister making them utterly destitute.

25 Years later Monty is a sensational rock star- the adopted son of J.J.Oberoi and his wife- and has everything but happiness. His only spark of happiness is his friend Dayal and a girl Tina. During a show he plays the same tune on his guitar and he has flashbacks of Ravi Verma’s accident and he is informed that he could be the reincarnation of Ravi Verma.

During a trip to Kenya, Monty realizes that all the pieces are in place. He has the complete recollection of his accident but wants to find out where his mother and sister are. He befriends Princess Kamini and informs her of him being Ravi Verma. Kamini lies to Monty that his mother and sister are deceased and about the circumstances of the accident that killed him in his previous birth. She is actually an agent of Sir Judah. Monty disbelieves her but pretends to keep believing her.

Starring: Himesh Reshammiya, Shweta Kumar, Gulshan Grover, Urmila Matondkar, Danny Denzongpa, Rohini Hattangadi, Dino Morea, Bakhtiyaar Irani, Asrani, Raj Babbar.


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