Kushti (2010)

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Kushti (2010)


The show Kushti is the tarradiddle of a bitty settlement in Northern India where wrestling is a nonclassical diversion and an grievous rassling duplication is held every year. Ever assemblage rivals Avtar Singh (Sharat Saxena) and Jiten Singh (Om Puri) try to tired each different in the rassling contend and turn the dominion of the village.

Rama (Rajpal Yadav) plays the persona of a village simple and a post-master. It filled with misunderstandings and misconceptions, of unseeable identities and inward love-affairs and the outcome is just uproarious.

The picture begins to head a ferment when a indisputable someone delivers a secret container in the reprehensible safekeeping. Especially someone, who is chained to verify benefit and control the real soul of the aggregation.

Starring: Rajpal Yadav, Khali, Nargis, Sharat Saxena, Asrani, Om Puri.


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