Armour Of God (1987)

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Armour Of God (1987)


Jackie aka Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) is an adventurer with a mercenary streak. Jackie used to perform in a band with his friends Alan (Alan Tam) and Laura (Rosamund Kwan) before he was kicked out of the band by Alan, who wanted Laura for himself. At the beginning of the film Jackie steals a sword from an African tribe that is one of the five pieces of a valuable armour known as the Armour of God. Alan is still a successful singer and Laura is a renowned fashion-designer.

During the course of the film, Jackie is shown trying to sell the Armour of God via auction. He has a secretly placed artificial bidder whose job is to increase the bids by bidding a few hundred dollars more than the highest bidder. Although unexpected, the armour manages to get an astronomical bid by May Bannon. Happy with his grand fortune Jackie goes back to his hotel where he discovers an entire bunch of messages from Alan informing Jackie of his arrival.

When Jackie and Alan meet, Alan out of desperation (although unwillingly) tells Jackie of an evil cult which has kidnapped Laura and are demanding the Armour of God as ransom. Jackie at this sees the opportunity to remind Alan about their past failed friendship.

Jackie decides to aid Alan in rescuing Laura from the evil religious cult that has stolen her in hopes of Asian Hawk delivering the last three pieces of the Armor to them as they have the other two. With this information, Jackie is able to convince May Bannon and her father to borrow the three pieces with the promise that Jackie would return with all five to their collector.

Starring: Jackie Chan, Alan Tam, Lola Forner, Rosamund Kwan, Bozidar Smiljanic, Ken Boyle, John Ladalski, Robert O’Brien, Boris Gregoric.


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