Bob The Butler (2005)

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Bob The Butler (2005)


Bob, an incompetent man, is searching for an available job by alphabetical order. He had just failed all of the A’s, and discovers an ad in the Yellow Pages for a butlerschool. He is the only one in the butler school course to pass, because all of the other people quit due to the embarrassment and pressure of the teacher. Meanwhile, Tess (Genevieve Buechner) and Bates (Benjamin B. Smith) Jamieson had just made their babysitter quit. Anne Jamieson (Brooke Shields), their single mother and neat freak, sees Bob’s old babysitting ad, and desperate, hires Bob as their babysitter, even though Bob said he was now a butler.

When Bob manages to put the children to bed peacefully, when other babysitters could not, Anne hires Bob to be their butler/babysitter, so she can spend more time with her boyfriend Jacques (Rob LaBelle). Throughout the movie, Bob becomes a fatherly figure to Tess and Bates who struggle with their own coming of age issues. While Bates tries to find his niche after being rejected from the school basketball team, Tess finds herself in jail after attempting to impress the queen bee of the school, Morgan (Nicole Potvin).

Bob messed up, same old, same old. He quits. Then Anne and her kids miss him, they try to get him back, but missed the boat he supposedly took to Butler school. The family goes to a car wash, and see Bob there. Anne runs out and kisses Bob, whom she chose instead of Jacques. In the end, the new family is shown at thanksgiving with an explosion in the turkey.

Starring: Tom Green, Brooke Shields, Genevieve Buechner, Benjamin B. Smith, Rob LaBelle, Valerie Tian, Simon Callow, Iris Graham.


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