Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)

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Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)


Tiger Wong is a highly skilled martial artist with a strong sense of justice. While eating at a floating restaurant, he chances upon a bully. Unable to stand by and watch him terrorize the victims he defeats the bully using his special move – Dragon Slaying Leg Eighteen. At the same time, he unwittingly grabs a gold medal.

It turns out that this gold medal is the Lousha Death Plaque given by the leader of the Lousha Gate, Shibumi. ‘Gate’ is a word describing martial arts sect or organization and Lousha Gate is a major criminal organization based in South East Asia. Whoever owns the gold medal has the power to demand the full cooperation of Lousha Gate. Tiger, unaware of the medal’s powers, is ambushed by the gang during his celebrations.

As fate has it, he is saved by Dragon Wong, the bodyguard of one of the gangsters, who is sent to retrieve the medal. A blonde youth using nunchakus, Turbo Shek, also joins in to help them. Dragon retrieves the medal from Tiger. Tiger is shocked when he notices a jade pendant worn by Dragon and realizes that he is his step-brother.

Starring: Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Louis Koo, Ella Koon, Yuen Wah, Dong Jie.

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