Dragons Forever (1988)

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Dragons Forever (1988)


A fishery is seeking court action against a local chemical factory for polluting the water. The mysterious chemical company hires lawyer Jackie Lung (Jackie Chan) to find information that will discredit the fishery. He employs his arms dealer friend, Wong (Sammo Hung) to woo the fishery owner, Miss Yip (Deannie Yip), to try and convince her to settle out of court.

Lung also brings in crackpot inventor and professional criminal, Tung (Yuen Biao), to bug her apartment. Unfortunately, Wong and Tung are unaware of each others’ roles and soon come into confrontation, whilst Lung tries to maintain the peace.

Wong falls for Miss Yip, whilst Lung woos her friend, Miss Wen (Pauline Yeung), an environmental scientist who is going to testify on Miss Yip’s behalf. The three men inadvertently discover that the chemical company is just a facade for a narcotics empire, ran by Hua Hsien-Wu (Yuen Wah). They soon come up against Hua’s thugs, and ultimately infiltrate the factory for a showdown with Hua himself and his henchman – martial arts master (Benny Urquidez).

Starring: Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Deannie Yip, Pauline Yeung, Yuen Wah.


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