House Of Fury (2005)

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House of Fury (2005)


Anthony Wong stars as Siu Bo, a single father who single-handedly raises his two children, Natalie and Nicky, to young adulthood after his wife’s death.

Nicky works as a dolphin trainer at Ocean Park and Natalie goes to school with Ella. Her boyfriend, Jason, is a musician who does not speak Cantonese very well, and in his first scene, gives Natalie a pet pig. Siu Bo works as a Chinese traditional bonesetter and has kung fu skills, which he has passed on to his children, who display prowess while fighting each other in sibling disputes.

Siu Bo tells exaggerated stories to his children and their friends, but they think they don’t believe them to be true thus causing a lot of embarrassment to Nicky and Natalie. A figure —an ex-CIA Agent— from Siu Bo’s past appears, kidnaps Siu Bo and demands information about a former spy whom Siu Bo knew. The children then unite their skills in a desperate attempt to save their father, and while at it, learn of his great past as a G4 agent assigned to protect former spies.

Starring: Anthony Wong, Stephen Fung, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi, Michael Wong, Daniel Wu, Wu Ma, Josie Ho.


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