Money Talks (1997)

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Money Talks (1997)


Franklin Hatchett (Chris Tucker) is a car wash hustler, who gets dimed out to the police by an investigating news reporter named James Russell (Charlie Sheen) While on the helicopter, Hatchett overhears the location of the stashed diamonds. Hatchett then jumps out of the helicopter after hearing the discussion between Villard and Dubray to get rid of him. Now Hatchett’s name and face are all over the news as an accessory to the prison break. Hatchett has to clear his name but he needs help. He calls on the only person who can help, the one that dimed him out, James Russell.

Russell just got fired from his job at Channel 12 News, the fact he had the Top Story calling him on his phone asking for help improved his chances of getting his job back, after all it was Sweeps Week! The two rampage all over the city to find clues to clear Hatchett’s name, which eventually got Russell’s name involved and sprayed all over TV land. Now in the process of trying to clear both their names, the two found something more valuable than diamonds. Soon a gang war breaks out at a local colliseum when two separate gangsters brawl in gun fights and threatens Frank’s life.

Luckily Frank was saved by two of his friends who used a bazooka and a machine gun to kill any thug who was shooting at Frank. James kills Raymond by placing grenades under the chopper, blowing it up along with Villard. In the end both of their names are cleared and they are branded as heroes, Frank and James save two of the diamonds as jewelry pieces and James marries Grace with Frank as his best man.

Starring: Chris Tucker, Charlie Sheen, Gerard Ismael, Heather Locklear, Elise Neal, Michael Wright, Paul Sorvino, Larry Hankin.


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