Mysterious Island (1961)

The Mysterious Island Poster

Mysterious Island (1961)


The wrap centers around Organised soldiers escaping in a gas inflate from a Southerner prison populate during the American Polite War. They end up crashing in the ocean, only to find themselves clean up on an unbeknown island where large animals have. It would afterward be revealed that the animals were the finish of experiments by the presumed-dead Officer Nemo.

He has been an unbeknown benefactor to the castaways as they struggled to subsist on the island. The island’s scissure threatens to intensify. After a skirmish with pirates, the stranded foregather manages to puzzle from the island on the pirates’ board as the crevice destroys the island.

The highlights of the sheet were Ray Harryhausen’s liveness sequences. The polar animated “monsters” that the castaways encountered included a heavyweight grump, a whale flightless shuttle, anomaly bees and a hulk mollusc resembling a prehistoric ammonite.

Starring: Michael Craig, Joan Greenwood, Michael Callan, Gary Merrill, Herbert Lom, Dan Jackson.


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