Once Upon a Time in China 3 (1993)

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Once Upon a Time in China 3 (1993)


The Qing Dynasty is experiencing turmoil in its later years as foreigners start to take over and ruin the Manchu sovereignty. To restore China’s pride and show foreigners the might of Chinese martial arts, the Empress Dowager and Governor Lee Hung-cheung decide to stage a national Lion King Competition. All lion dancersand martial artists from around the nation are invited to attend and participate in the competition and win the title of “Lion King”.

Wong Fei-hung, his romantic interest “13th Aunt” Siu-kwan and his disciple Leung Foon arrive in Peking to visit Wong’s father Wong Kei-ying at the Cantonese Association. At the train station, they meet a Russian diplomat named Tomanovsky, who knew Siu-kwan while they were studying in Britain. He starts to vie for her attention and annoys Wong, who is disgusted by the Western custom of kissing a woman’s hand. When the trio arrive at the Association, they discover that Wong Kei-ying had been attacked by a wealthy rival martial artist named Chiu Tin-bak and his lackey Clubfoot. Luckily, Wong only suffered minor injuries from the attack.

Wong decides to give his blessings to his son and Siu-kwan as they develop closer relationships. Prior to the actual competition, the lion dance troupes which had gathered in the city started to fight among themselves and hold a competition of their own before the actual one. Wong Fei-hung does not participate and spectates. Unknown to him, Leung Foon and another disciple had secretly joined the competition out of mischief. They annoy Clubfoot and a short scrimmage between Clubfoot and Leung ensues. Clubfoot’s legs are seriously injured when Leung accidentally releases a rampage of horses, which crushed Clubfoot’s legs with their hoofs.

Clubfoot is abandoned by Chiu, who sees him as useless now without the use of his legs. Wong Fei-hung takes pity on Clubfoot and takes him in. Clubfoot initially saw Wong as a rival and treated him with hostility, but Wong’s kindness touched him and he eventually became Wong’s loyal disciple.

Starring: Jet Li, Rosamund Kwan, Max Mok, Hung Yan-yan, John Wakefield, Lau Shun, Chiu Chin, Wong Tak-yan, Meng Jin, Ge Cunzhuang.

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