Savage Sam (1963)

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Savage Sam (1963)


Savage Sam is a son of Old Yeller. Travis (Tommy Kirk) & Aliss (Kevin Corcoran) Coates’ parents are away visiting their Grandma is sick and have left oldest son, Travis in charge of things. Their Uncle Beck Coates (Brian Keith) checks on the boys are doing and gives advice to Travis on how to handle Arliss a little better.

Travis, Arliss, and their neighbor’s daughter, Lisbeth are taken by Indians. Beck Coates gathers up some neighboring men to go in search for them, which include Lisbeth’s father, Bud Searcy (Jeff York), and Willy Crup (Slim Pickens). Travis is rescued, and all men, along with Travis and Savage Sam rescue Arliss and Lisbeth.

Starring: Brian Keith, Tommy Kirk, Dewey Martin, Jeff York, Rafael Campos, Slim Pickens.



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