Shaolin Soccer (2001)

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Shaolin Soccer (2001)


Shaolin Soccer movie is about Sing (Stephen Chow) is a master of Shaolin kung fu, whose goal in life is to promote the spiritual and practical benefits of the art to modern society. He experiments with various methods to inform the modern world about shaolin kung fu, some of which include comedic song and dance routines, but all bear no positive results. He then meets “Golden Leg” Fung (Ng Man Tat), a legendary Hong Kong soccer star in his day, who is now lame owing to the treachery of a former teammate Hung, now a rich businessman.

Sing explains his desires to promote the modern uses of kung fu to Fung, who initially is unconvinced with Sing’s idea and brushes off his pleas. When Fung realizes Sing has superior muscular power in his right foot, however, he offers his services to coach Sing in soccer. Sing is intrigued by the idea of promoting kung fu through popular sport and agrees to enlist his former Shaolin brothers to form a team under Fung’s management.

Starring: Stephen Chow, Zhao Wei, Ng Man Tat, Patrick Tse, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan.


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