The King Of Fighters (2010)

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The King Of Fighters (2010)


At a museum in Boston, Mai Shiranui and her boyfriend Iori Yagami attend a private unveiling of three relics: The Kagura Mirror, the Yagami Necklace and the Kusanagi Sword. All three relics are believed to have the capability to open a portal into another dimension, where the mystical entity known as the Orochi resides. Legend says that whoever controls the Orochi will be granted limitless powers.

Suddenly, Rugal Bernstein storms into the exhibit, shooting at everyone in sight and slashing Chizuru Kagura in the stomach with the Kusanagi Sword before running off with all three relics. He uses his blood and that of Chizuru to open a portal and disappear before he is captured. However, the sword does not vanish with him. It is revealed to Mai by Chizuru that the sword is a fake, and only Saisyu Kusanagi knows the whereabouts of the real sword. Chizuru also warns Mai that she alone must defeat Rugal and that Iori should not be involved.

Mai heads to a mental institution, where Saisyu has resided for the past 10 years and remains in a catatonic state. There, she meets his son, Kyo Kusanagi, who is unfamiliar with Chizuru or the stolen relics. She leaves the room and heads to her car, while Kyo puts his father to bed and reads him a book of proverbs. Mai decides to stay in her car in front of the institution until the next morning, when Iori meets her there. When they return to Saisyu’s room, Iori’s presence suddenly breaks Saisyu’s catatonic state, and the elder Kusanagi threatens to kill Iori before losing consciousness and dying.

Starring: Sean Faris, Maggie Q, Will Yun Lee, Ray Park, Françoise Yip, Monique Ganderton, David Leitch, Sam Hargrave, Bernice Liu.


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