The Other Sister (1999)

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The Other Sister (1999)


After graduating from a special education school, Carla Tate – a young, slightly mentally challenged woman attends a polytechnic high school and falls in love with another young student named Daniel McMann, who is also mentally challenged. Carla’s mother is overprotective and is hesitant about letting Carla move out.

At Carla’s sister’s engagement party, Daniel drinks too much and ends up grabbing the microphone and telling everyone at the party about Carla and his first time making love. Carla bursts into tears. Daniel is banished from the young girl’s life. Carla realizes how much she is still in love with Danny, as he does. At Carla’s sister’s wedding, Danny surprises Carla by showing up and asking Carla to marry him.

Everyone supports their wishes except for Carla’s mother who is unsure that Danny can take care of her. Carla’s mother has always been uneasy about Carla doing many things due to her exceptionality. Carla gets angry with her mom and tells her that she is sick of her trying to tell her (Carla) what to do. Carla’s mother has a change of heart and she shows up at the wedding.

Starring: Juliette Lewis, Giovanni Ribisi, Diane Keaton, Tom Skerritt, Joe Flanigan.

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